Hassle with knives, 15-year-old dies

A 15-year-old died as a result of wounds received in a brawl between youths. According to police serious event occurred in the "Illyria", where Alexander Giulio shot several times with a knife Fatos Daci.

From the preliminary investigation showed that the crime occurred during an argument banal motifs spot among teenagers.
Both residents of the beach has been in an internet cafe in the area, where they started arguing. The author has hit several times with a knife in the above hassle Daci 15-year-old, who could not survive.

Katy Perry Rocks The Stage With The Rolling Stones

Katy Perry Rocks The Stage With The Rolling Stones

Posted Sunday May 12, 2013 4:50 PM GMT
Giving fans more bang for their buck, Katy Perry made an appearance at the Rolling Stones concert on Saturday night (May 11) in Las Vegas.
Donning a white mini skirt, white tank top, and thigh-high boots, the “Firework” songstress performed “Beast of Burden” with Stones front-man Mick Jagger.
Excited for the opportunity to share the stage with the rock superstar, Ms. Perry tweeted, "Yes, I just did gyrated [sic] on Mick Jagger. WHAT?!"
The show was part of the legendary group's 50 & Counting tour, which has hosted other surprise guests along the way, such as Tom Waits and Gwen Stefani.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Feminine with beautiful bre asts in the world PHOTO & VIDEO

711-199x300No wonder why Denise Milani, has been selected by an online poll as the most feminine women with beautiful bre asts in the world.
2352-245x300sh i ko ni vi deo n ne linkun ana sh

And this because, according to her constituents, to the size it well combined with the shape of this part of the body.
Denise was born in the Czech Republic in 1980, but she has lived in the United States of America, where it has managed to penetrate a well-known model.

Daring to bare! Eva Longoria flashes her bra in see-through top as she heads out in Paris

She's got the figure of a woman half her age, so it's no wonder that Eva Longoria wants to show it off.
But the 38-year-old actress might have taken it one step too far as she stepped out in Paris this week, with her bra in full view of awaiting fans.
The former Desperate Housewives star opted for a sheer black blouse as she left the Four Season's hotel on Monday - forgetting any sort of cover up, flashing her plain black bra underneath.
Racy: Actress Eva Longoria dares to bare in this see-through blouse as she heads out in Paris
Racy: Actress Eva Longoria dares to bare in this see-through blouse as she heads out in Paris
Teaming the barely-there ensemble with a pair of unflattering trousers, the star was a far cry from her normally impeccably-dressed self.
The black trousers - which were creased at the front - drowned the actress's slight frame, while the sheer top made her look unusually frumpy.
She completed her look with a pair of black stilettos, a clutch bag and a giant pair of sunnies.
Not your best look: Normally impeccably-dressed Eva looked unusually frumpy in her all-black outfit
Not your best look: Normally impeccably-dressed Eva looked unusually frumpy in her all-black outfit
Sheer: The actress teamed her sheer top with a pair of unflattering trousers
Sheer: The actress teamed her sheer top with a pair of unflattering trousers
But although the petite brunette's outfit might have been a bit of a flop, her hair and make-up was back on point.
Her locks were styled in loose, tumbling curls and her make-up was kept minimal, aside from her signature smokey eye.
The star seemed oblivious to her fashion faux pas as she chatted and signed autographs for fans.
Black on black: The star replaced her usual wardrobe of bodycon dresses for separates
Black on black: The star replaced her usual wardrobe of bodycon dresses for separates
Black on black: The star replaced her usual wardrobe of bodycon dresses for separates
The actress flew into the French capital on Saturday to attend and support The Global Gift Gala, a fundraising event for an organisation that supports children and women worldwide.
Tweeting pictures at the airport, the divorcee looked ready for summer despite the gloomy weather.
Flashing! The star seemed oblivious to her fashion faux pas
Flashing! The star seemed oblivious to her fashion faux pas
Friendly: The star posed happily with fans outside the venue
Friendly: The star posed happily with fans outside the venue
As well as tight white jeans, Eva was dressed in a light mint shirt and had a white scarf wrapped around her neck.
The actress is currently promoting hr new film Frontera.

Beyonce pregnant, expects second child?

Beyonce shtatzene, pret femijen e dyte?

As the New York Post reports, the pop music diva is pregnant for the second time.

Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay Z are known parents to daughter Blue Ivy half a year, while it was written by American magazine, the couple is waiting for the second child.

Words on a second pregnancy began last week when Beyonce was in a ball. While the news media in question has been confirmed by many sources.

Selena Gomez Confirms Justin Bieber Breakup (Again!)

Justin Bieber caused some confusion last month with those cuddly Instagram pictures withSelena Gomez.
But, Beliebers and Selenators, Ms. Gomez confirmed Friday on Boston's Kiss 108 radio show that she and the Biebs have not reconciled their relationship.
The host asked the 20-year-old singer-actress candidly, "So sometimes you may see a boy walking down the street and he says, 'Let's grab an ice cream'—you're available?"
Selena GomezTwitter
"Yep," Selena replied.
"You're completely available in every way?" the host reiterated, and again, the Spring Breakers star answered, "Yep!"
"By the way," she added with a smile, "that would be awesome if someone asked if I wanted ice cream, because that would be cool."
Noted. So Selena's not anyone's girlfriend right now, but is she about to be someone's big sister?
TBD. On Mother's Day, Selena tweeted a pic of herself holding mom Mandy Cornett's stomach, along with the caption, "Hope all the amazing moms had a great day! I have the best momma in the world :)) I love you so much!" (Sadly, Selena's mother suffered a miscarriage in December 2011.)
E! News has reached out to Selena's camp for comment. But if Mandy is expecting, Selena will surely be an awesome big sis!

Then extract all the sparks ... (PHOTO+VIDEO)

Shkendija i nxjer te gjitha... (FOTO)

Shkendija i nxjer te gjitha... (FOTO)

Provocation of spark continues to this day, after nxjerjes the chest and buttocks, she continues to provoke even so great ...

Is that Albanian women sexy? (PHOTO)

Shkëndije Mujaj
Shkëndije Mujaj
Zmadho fotografinë
Shkëndije Mujaj
Shkëndije Mujaj
Zmadho fotografinë
Shkëndije Mujaj
Shkëndije Mujaj
Zmadho fotografinë
Shkëndije Mujaj
Shkëndije Mujaj
Zmadho fotografinë
Shkëndije Mujaj


Meet the model of "crazy" after the Spanish football (Photo)

It is one of the most popular models not only in her native country but all over the world. We mean the beautiful Miriam Saavedra from Peru, which is e "crazy" for Spanish football. And she travels so much more to Spain and her family do not go there often. Super model runs to see "Furie Rosse" Del Bosque and stated that in 2014 Brazil World Cup will be her support team, and if the country of Peru sj will not be fans of course will be the "crazy" the Spanish squad. 


In a pool with Coco Austin (PHOTO+VIDEO)

Coco Austin is ready for action while posing in a swimming pool edge with a water pistol in hand. Model which is also known as the wife of rapper Ice T seems to have found the appropriate time to relax in bikini and in the presence of close friends. Coco has realized these photos in Las Vegas and has shared with fans on a personal profile on Twitter.

Angela Martini: All men are begging me ... (PHOTO)

Hot model Angela Martini, is one of those beautiful girls and young women who have been fortunate enough to put shoubizit world too early, recognizing and meeting important personalities and party VIP events through different world.
And, of course, a new model of sex as it is not possible to pass unnoticed by the men present. We question the magazine "Complex" if that happened in these informal gathering of friends to approach any famous male Angela responded:
"Everybody. But something else is working as it comes to a head with them. Does not mean that everyone who is willing to come with you, and shall go out to. There are many rumors about this, but I think only 10% are true. Most of the men with whom I associated are just good friends ".
Angela has recently emerged on the cover of the famous magazine "Maxim" with a camera set supersensual realized by Fadil Berisha Albanian files.

Dancing a perfect two small children ... to leave open the GOJ (video)

New Bitmap Image

Why it has been erased sexual desires

Përse atij i janë shuar dëshirat seksuale

Life in couple

If your spouse is extinguished desire for sex and if the words "not tonight dear" are starting to become common, it is best not to draw hasty conclusions.

The reasons for his behavior can be numerous. The fact that you refuse are not directly related to the lack of love. Here are the main causes of male desire to quench the desire for tranquility to the unbridled imagination.

1. He urges calm after a long day

If he enters every night in his lair, it can cause communication break. Maybe your spouse is not understand how I feel his absence, so do not hesitate to express your love. Find something that despite daily fatigue, will relax you both, like to drink from a glass of wine, shared reading or watching a movie. Do not let time be inserted between you find the right way to relax your husband.

2. He has the mind of children

Many parents have a very good sex life, but there are those husbands who after childbirth view as partner and mother of his children rather than their wife. Another killer good sexual relationship with her husband is putting the children in the family spotlight. To be more quiet, clean your room for games, photos of children, even from their clothes.

3. He wants to follow the game or play games

Talking face to face as women want, not the way normal male behavior. They prefer to follow the game as you turn a quick response. Do you force your spouse to pay attention when playing or watching television. Instead, you can sit next to him and to follow both the TV. Marriage is not merely nice spending time with each other, but also stay together in other situations.

4. It is forbidden week of the month

Generally men think that women should be left undisturbed during periods because they do not like so much sex and messy. But if that particular month period was increased hormone levels, publish against him informed and take a nice experience.

5. He wants sex come spontaneously

Avoid having sex simply from the fact that this should be done. Greatest joy comes in random and spontaneous moments. Even if you have previously predicted what would happen in the evening to find the right way to say, maybe a little getting dressed or otherwise cooked his favorite food. Take your kids to grandparents and create a suitable environment for romance.

6. He is anxious for his performance

Given that the man has a key role in the relationship and not always consistent, he feels under pressure to fulfill his duties. To stand out to find his swing ever, he will not fail you, nor even humbled himself. Instead, find an alternative way of satisfaction.

7. He sees more porn

Spending time online does not mean that he is not attracted by you, or that you will not pay much attention. But the endless amount of images of all kinds, can reduce desire and cause male erectile disorder. If his hunger for certain Internet material is grown, it will necessarily decrease the sexual desire with you at home. The best way to deal with this problem is sincerity and finding an appropriate therapist.

8. Is concerned to work

It's a good idea to agree on the time spent with one another to switch off mobile and stop checking work emails. However Be tolerant when it comes to emergency calls. Sometimes problems of lower self-esteem in men and increase concerns about your career or economic status. Understand your spouse and give confidence that problems will get together.

9. He will sleep

Sleep is hard to play, if the spouse is exhausted, do not try in vain, try to find the appropriate moment to be with. His desire to sleep is not related to the failure to you, but his own body needs rest.

10. It is not safe for your love

After strong masculine appearance, is more a creature of the swing, I do not know for sure whether love of his wife. Make it known that in every moment and in every situation. This will increase the quality of your sex life.

10 things men to like women (PHOTO)

The survey was conducted on a representative sample of 20,000 men and prey reveals what attracts men to women. Look at the results:
1. Sexual attraction (chemistry)
2. Smiling
3. kindness
4. Mood
5. The appearance of the body
6. eyes
7. intelligence
8. communicative ability
9. Teeth and lips
10. locks
This is the choice of men when asked what attracts women, and their responses are listed in order of importance. As you can see sexual attraction (chemistry) is the most important, and come after her characteristics that women want.

Illyria: Here's why I love Riken ...

Elona feels bored and it's showy and Eldorës Rica. They Elonën wondering what and if bored with them. The answer they gave Elona hints is upset with Riken. According to her why there is no need to talk because things themselves understood. While Rikja Elona insists that means what, Elona says it has about the game that is making the Ilir Rikja. It requests that the game only and do not include Elonën in anything. Rikja responds to Illyria said that while not playing and he has not replied so why be bored Elona. Rikja Ilir says that it is not making any games and has said several times that. It further isqaron when told Illyria and hate that and I was joking and had not seriously. Meanwhile enters the room and tells Illyria Elonesa that there is no reason to continue with the game yet. Elona responds that Riken is talking to and not have to intervene. Ilir continues to insist that Saturday will find out if anyone is playing or not. Illyria found in this situation isqaron Elonesa that this thing because he did miss Anisën and behaving in a way with Riken, expected to have a confrontation with him. And the second reason is to create as much confusion to other residents. Illyria adds that the Riken and it will more than certain. After this ilirishton that he is now to keep Rampage for something. According to him he has not put anybody in the game and why Elona not behaving that way. Rikja Elonën advises not to take it in vain. According Elonesa she extends this historisepse are also affected other people, not just those two. She adds that Rikja should not accept such a game because it is the point of losing such a thing. Elona look advises its interests and not others. According Rica she has said several times that Illyria will not be part of his game and he has stated that the game was over, but just like you. While other residents who are in the kitchen have made a list of foods that have at home, but want to change to some other foods that are not necessary to have at home. As we see the gift that they have prepared well shëkmbejnë jokes with each other.

Here's what makes Simon Cowell (PHOTO)

Simon Cowell spends most of the time behind the women. In the last episode of the show Britain's Got Talent on ITV, Simon has given the public an electrifying moment while leaning fundkurrizin kissing Amanda Holden who is also a member of the jury of the show.

Nicki Minaj is super sexy (PHOTO)

Carly Rae Jepsen believes that its collaborator on the song "Tonight I'm Getting Over You" is very "powerful".
Creator's hit "Call Me Maybe" is very impressed by the talent of Nicki Minaj.
"Nicki was perfect for the song because it's sexy and powerful," she told the magazine "OK".
Carly and remiksit Minaj have collaborated for the song "Tonight I'm Getting Over You".
27-year-old is now working on new projects while he spends time in the company's best-boyfriend Matthew Koma.

Almeda Abazi, Turkey, the Albanian Qmendi Her dance (Video)

Horror! Stabbed his wife and goat meat sold for 27 euros kg!

Horror, anger and great question to which human cruelty can get!
It was found in Egypt, a history and cruelty beyond imagination!
A butcher stabbed his wife following brake and goat meat sold for 27 euros per kilogram in the shop that he owns!
Even deceive customers that meat was special!
Its discovery was made thanks to a customer who no doubt something in the flesh "goat" and when I compare with meat purchased at another store, immediately informed the police.
The cop immediately after being notified of the unfortunate woman's disappearance wives simultaneously butcher, where did the DNA test and was confirmed as her flesh.
After the arrest crime author macabre presence to his wife!

Greta, a candidate for MP in Tirana Region

Greta Koçi

Radiohead singer is on the list of candidates for deputies of the Democratic Party.
Vice President of the Youth Forum of the Democratic Party is officially a candidate for deputy in the district of Tirana

Elena's "BB6" engage in activities DP

There are two weeks left most famous house in Albania, that of "Big Brother", but it seems to Elenën, charming daughter of this edition is quite life outside commitments. Besides school and work, Elena's first women's convention of the Democratic Party, held a week ago.

Rustem Jorida denounces the police 26-year-old fixed two months after her (PHOTO)

Known psychologist, Jorida Rustem, is placed before a confrontation with a far better 26-year-old boy from Vlora, that, as no possible can avoid personally addressed to Police Station No. 2 in Tirana with a criminal . Rustem, MA in Clinical Psychology and Counseling psychologists and one of the most popular with its opinions on many television programs, felt threatened by Maxim Dato Mehmetaj, born 12/07/1986, born in Ballesh, high school education, living in neighborhood "central" Vlora and previous convictions. He since summer 2012 has concerned Rustemi through phone calls, messaging, social network "Facebook" to humiliate, threaten, and to follow in her office settings. In its report on the Police, Jafar Jorida Rustem, the date of birth 11/24/1978, born and resident in "Ismail Kamal" in Tirana, higher education and unpunished, explained that the person has blackmailed in order to co-tightening and intimate relationship with. Since September 2012, the suspect Mehmetaj telephoned, sent messages by phone and email Jorida Rustemi, which are declared by its disturbing. This is because, in addition to complementing the appearance and presentation to the public, the person in question has proposed marriage to cohabitation. From Jorida declarations made ​​to the police, it appears that Mehmetaj had tried several times to meet at its office in Tirana, but she refused. Since these calls and messages have been worrying about Jorida Rustemi, it has become a criminal complaint at the Police Station No.2 in Tirana, at 11:00 am of 29 April this year.

Lasso brutally beating two gay boys (PHOTO)

A citizen of Albanian origin and an American were arrested by police in upstate New York in the U.S., after beating two gay. The incident happened yesterday evening at Station no. 33 near the Manhattan subway. Police were much more important that such cases of discrimination in New York, says it is working to see if there is any connection between this incident and another that occurred earlier pallatiti near Madison Square Garden sports. People who have used violence against gay couples were identified as Arsalan Berisha, 21, originally from Albania and Brian Ramirez, 21. Initially two homosexuals are allowed to enter a club. As he approached leave Berisha and Ramirez, who initially insulted and then hit them with fists. According to police, the attack against two gay is not over in the street. Later, Berisha and Ramirez followed with a run and near the Station Number. 33 have echoed and violence against them tougher. Police intervened and made ​​possible the arrest of Berisha and Ramirez. While it has been reported and other persons who participated in the attack, but managed to largohen.Policia has published photos of the victims, who suffered injuries to the face and other body parts. One of the victims was subjected to eye surgery, as a result of their injuries. Ramires against Berisha and started investigation for "hate crime" and "violence". Also, the two suspects to find the photos below are investigated and a similar event happened three days ago in New York.
In pictures: Brian Ramirez and about Aslan Berisha